Privacy Policy

This statement sets forth the privacy policy of Koons Real Estate Law, P.C. (“KREL”) for KREL’s website,, including all web pages contained therein (the “Website”). KREL will only use information from visitors for the limited purposes described in this policy.

*This privacy policy is related only to visitors to the Website who are not clients of KREL. Our dealings with our clients, and our treatment of any information received from our clients, will be governed by the applicable law, the Rules of Professional Conduct promulgated by the State Bar of Texas, and the rules of other courts to which our attorneys may be admitted.

If you are not already a client of KREL, no information provided by or gathered from you will be considered to be confidential, privileged, or otherwise protected by an attorney-client relationship, and may be divulged by us. Furthermore, nothing in this policy or on this Website is intended to or will constitute or create an attorney-client or other relationship between you and KREL. Please review our policies and disclaimer page for further details concerning the terms under which you may access the Website.

What information does KREL collect from visitors to the Website?
KREL does not currently collect any personal identifying information of visitors to the Website except as follows: (1) information supplied by a visitor’s web browser such as the visitor’s e-mail address or information related to the site the visitor linked from to access KREL’s Website, (ii) information provided to KREL by visitors to the Website via an e-mail message (including any attachments contained in such an e-mail message), and (iii) information provided to KREL by visitors in a CGI form (for example, when you complete a search request or sign our guest book).

How does KREL use this information?
KREL does not presently share any information collected from visitors to the Website with any outside party. Any information collected from visitors to the Website is used solely for the purpose(s) for which the information was provided to KREL by the visitor.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, KREL does reserve the right to use the information it obtains from the Website in an aggregated form in order to determine the usefulness and popularity of the various sections of the Website and the various web pages contained therein or to determine how often certain links to or from the Website are used by visitors.

This Website contains links to other resources on the Internet. These links are solely provided to assist visitors in locating these sources. A link to another website does not imply any relationship, affiliation, or approval of the linked resources and/or their contents. KREL is not responsible for the content on any other website. Therefore, please use these other resources with caution. Please understand that KREL has no control over the privacy policies of any websites that are linked to our Website and that these linked sites may make more extensive uses of visitors’ personal information which are not consistent with this policy.

KREL does not currently use cookies on its website, however, it may decide to use them in the future. Cookies are information stored on a personal computer by websites accessed by that computer. Cookies are used by many websites to simplify the access to and browsing of those websites by users. For example, a website might use cookies to remember your username or password or to remember your preferences with respect to the site’s content, products, or services. Although most browsers accept cookies in their default settings, it is possible to configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies from any websites. If you configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies, certain portions of websites that use cookies may not function properly or be accessible to you, including any portion of KREL’s Website which is altered to make use of cookies in the future.